Below are listed the honors you can receive in this clan. Honors are like achievable medals. They do not depend on rank and do not count towards promotion (though if you receive one you must be a good player and be well on your way). The Special Operations Commander and Battalion Commanders can give out honors when they are due to those who have earned them. Here are listed the honors you can receive and what they are awarded for. Clan Members who receive these honors will have them added onto their profile page for all to see.

Some honors are Forerunner symbols, others are invented by the Clan Founder or Clan Members.

Please note that members who go out specifically in mind to get honors by strictly following the criteria WILL NOT RECEIVE THEM. Doing so endangers the team, the clan and the mission simply for self gain and bravado which this clan will not tolerate. They are given for the heroism whilst still performing their basic duty.


These Honors are given to members for their outstanding achievements whilst in a game of Halo 2 

Senior Officer Acknowledgement 

When members reach the highest ranks they receive this honor to acknowledge their senior position. 

Field Master 

All Commanders are excellent. But ones who receive this honor are particularly special and is given to excellent commanders whose quick thinking and tactics are utterly amazing. Only Gold Commanders and Veteran Special Ops can earn this honor.

Marksmanship Honor

To be a professional sniper is a skill in itself but this honor celebrates sniping at perfection which has truly separated the individual from the rest. Anyone can receive this honor by using phenomenal sniping skills.

Team Player

Probably the easiest award to earn. Be a good, team player. No glory hogging or being a loner, just helping others, following orders and helping out.


Not a good honor. To get it you must obtain the following shameful criteria: Not following orders, no accuracy, trigger happy, team killer, rocket happy, can't drive.

(If you get this award your well on your way to being booted out) 

Excellent Leader

Leaders who care for their men, are very involved with their squad and are trusted and followed without question. Maintain discipline and help out with the clan.

Demolition Expert

Though this clan does not a a specific heavy weapons division and members are expected to know themselves when heavy weapons are needed, this honor is given to those with a specific knack or shine with them. Its given to those who use heavy weapons, usefully, efficiently and don't take out themselves or team mates with them.

Zamamee's Honor

Given to members who are consistently excellent, always bettering themselves, very involved with the Clan and its activities and helpful to other members. 

Master Pilot

Given to pilots acknowledging that the have ace air to air and air to ground combat skills using the Banshee and are excellent in the field of flying.

Prophets Honor

Given to members who reach the highest rank that they can achieve, Veteran Special Ops. These honorary Elites are Zamamee's best and when not in active duty serve as Imperial Guard in the Prophets Chambers.

One Man Army

One Elite massacring Spartans by himself, taking down dozens before finally falling or winning the game. Do not let this encourage you to go it alone though.

VARIES Campaign Badges/Ribbons

This clan will participate in various campaigns, clan wars, tournaments, you name it. Any members who participated in successful or memorable campaigns will receive the ribbons on their profile.

Battalion Leader

Given to those who reach the status to lead a Battalion

Hack Master

Given to those who love the Energy Sword and use it to good effect, leaving a pile of bodies around them.


These Honors are given to members for outstanding achievements in outside clan activities.

Ship Master

Given to someone when they become a Moderator.


Not a good honor. To get it you must obtain the following shameful criteria: Spammer, Flamer and disrespectful asshole.

(If you get this award your well on your way to being booted out) 

Recruitment Honor

Given to those who have recruited many individuals into the Warriors of the Prophets Clan.

Media Honor

This is given to those for great website submissions including: videos, artwork and fan fiction.