Q: Why Covenant Only?

A: Because I say so. There are many clans out there if you would rather play as a Spartan or be mixed. This clan is highly themed, and we all play as Covenant to stick with the theme. This was the first all Covenant Clan, its like this to be different from the many others. I wanted a uniqueness. 

Q: What is with all the weird names?

A: All members in the Clan use Covenant Names. Mostly Elites, as they are what we play as but some pick Hunter, Jackal, Brute and Grunt names also. We all use Covenant names to keep with the clan theme. They have either been obtained from the books, being made up or made from this website: 

Q: Where do I get a Covenant Name?

A: Go to, 

Q: Will the clan be owned by every other clan?

A: Unlikely. We are friends with many other clans who will always help us out should we need it. We have few enemies and some of the best ever Halo Players to grace the gaming world. Only the best hardcore players last long with us, those who are terribly crap will be replaced with better players so we always have kick ass players in battle, striking fear into our enemies. If anything we will own the online world of Halo 2. Other Clans will run away with their tales between there legs at the sight of us.

Q: How do the Battalions work exactly? 

A: A Battalion is roughly 20-33 members in size and is a sub division of the main clan. They are designed to ease play in time zones. One for the American Continents, one for Europe and One that is mixed and specializes in PC games.

A Battalion is ruled by between 1-3 Commanders and Veteran Special Ops. It is their job to keep control over the members in there Battalion. Keep them active by organizing clan games for the Battalion. The Battalion itself is split into different squads and sub divisions. Higher ranking Elites are in the specialties section. They are enlisted to play in games by Commanders with the lower ranked Elites to use their unique talents or requested for by Veterans to help their squad in a game. The lower Squads consist of 4 Elites. 3 Rookies commanded by a Veteran. The Veterans duty is to train the Rookies and to report how active they are to the Battalion Leaders. Inactive members are reported at the end of each month and put to the Special Operation Commanders Notice.

Q: Will there actually be some battle tactics that the clan might share as a whole once Halo 2 launches?

A: Not straight away, as until everyone knows the courses where everything is etc it will be impossible to do. Any member can put forward a tactic though. Simple ones such as pincer movements and shock attacks could be devised before Halo 2 as they can apply to all maps. But many won't be created until the game is mastered. All Battalion leaders should devise tactics to share with the clan and its members whist not letting the information leak. 

Q: What will be our logo in Halo 2?

A: The Clan Logo is on every web page on the top left. The Logo we will use in games is at this time undecided.

Q: Who are our allies?

A: We don't really have allies, though we do put some clans in more favor than others. We have the closest ties with fellow Covenant Clans but we help some clans that we get along with who are Spartans. But as a whole we are an independent clan.

Q: If we have a complaint about something or someone who do we go to?

A: Go to the Clan Leader, your Battalion Leader or your Squad Leader for any help.

Q: How do we determine if we are up for promotion or an honor?

A: You don't, ideas for promotions and honors are kept between the higher Elite staff until given out.

Q: Will we have interclan matches?

A: Definitely

Q: Will we have regularly scheduled battles?

A: It all depends on the Battalion leader and what they set up for the Battalions members. Same goes for Veteran Squad leaders.

Q: Are we able to turn down promotions?

A: Yes, providing there is a reason for you doing so, any reason, but you must have one.

Q: Will there be practice sessions on Halo 2 on X-Box LIVE?

A: It all depends on the Battalion leader and what they set up for the Battalions members. Same goes for Veteran Squad leaders.

Q: Are we recommended to play a certain amount of Halo 2 Clan games?

A: Yes, at least one every 2 months, unless prior notice of absence is given. It will be up to Battalion leaders to keep check on who is playing games.

Q: If we suck really bad will we be kicked out of the clan?

A: If you are REALLY bad and never improve, then yes.

Q: Will all clan matches be scored?

A: In a sense, myself and other high ranked Elites will check and make brief notes of performances after and in between games.

Q: Do I HAVE to have an Elite name?


Q: Will the clan organize clan games just for fun?

A: Whenever we have the time and it is possible, yes.

Q: What is the punishment for playing as a Spartan in a Clan Game?

A: Just asked to change to an Elite in the next game or be booted for rules breech. 

Q: What's the most time we can remain inactive with the clan?

A: Three months.

Q: Where do we submit artwork or honors or banners or anything or the sort?

A: Send them to the Clan Leaders E-Mail and he will put them up where they should be. (most likely media page)


Q: Can I submit information to the Battlenet?

A: Yes, but only if it is official, true and you show me the source of your information. Also be sure its nowhere else on the website.

Q: Is all the Battlenet true?

A: Most of it, if something isn't 100% true it is clearly stated. 


Q: Why must I make an account?

A: It reduces the level of unknown spammers and allows me to keep track of members. It makes mass emails easier and enhances clan contact.

Q: Why must I sign in to use the Forums?

A: So myself and the moderators can see who actually uses them.

Q: I can't get my custom Avatar working!

A: The image you want to use, must be online on the web. Right click the image, copy ALL of its URL address. Paste the URL into the 'I have my own pic' section on your Forum Profile Edit and then click change profile when you are finished.

Q: I can't get my custom signature working!

A: Find the image you want to use online. Right click its URL and copy it. In the signature box on your forum profile page type [img]( paste the URL here )[/img] Then click change profile.

Q: Do I HAVE to have an Elite name?



Q: Why can't I access the Chat Room?

A: You need to enable JAVA on your web browser. It varies depending on what you use. Please E-Mail me at if you have any problems accessing the chat room quoting me what you use. Such as Internet Explorer, Netscape, etc.

Q: How come no-one is really in the Chat Room?

A: There are two main reasons, one is that for some the Chat Room is hard to get working. The other is that when members want to chat, they use msn as all members are supposed to have it and its easier to just use that. Another point is that if they wish to make a one off statement they just use the Forums.


Q: What is the Covenant?

A: A more detailed explanation can be found in the Battlenet, but here is a brief summary.

The Covenant are a collective of various alien races trying to destroy mankind. They have a cast structure ranging from the high Elites to the lowly Grunt. Some are working together willingly, whilst others are slave races. They are all bound by Religion and are fanatics in their devotion to their Gods the Forerunner.

Q: Are we the only Covenant Clan?

A: No, but there are very few other 'all Covenant' Covenant Clans besides us.

Q: What have you done to ensure that the clan remains a good community?

A: I implemented the Battalion system to break it down and make it more manageable, made forums and keep checks on members etc

Q: What can we do to improve our skills if we have no-one to practice multiplayer with?

A: Play against unknown players on X-Box LIVE

Q: If we haven't beaten Legendary are we hopeless?

A: No, it is recommended but multiplayer is often a whole new game than Halo's single player.

Q: Is killing the Clan Leader a bad thing?

A: If he is on your team you better believe it! But any team killing is not tolerated. If its an inter clan game, killing Zuka 'Zamamee is ok, but you won't live long after it. :)

Q: Will there be a scoreboard on the site?

A: Not for individuals, but for proper clan vs clan games and campaigns there will be.