The overall grand master of the operation. Only having a single superior to himself, the High Prophet of Truth. The High Commander leads all the divisions, Battalions and oversees all operations of the clan. His ultimate goal is to be responsible for the cleansing of humanity and particularly the Spartans whom he hates for both religious and personal reasons. The High Commander is the highest ranked officer in the clan.


Uniform - Primary Color: Steel, Secondary Color: Steel


A very highly renowned rank. Commanders outside of battle lead the mighty Battalions of the clan, organizing war plans, keeping everyone in line etc. During battle they are the leaders. They organize the players, use strategy to win and using their awesome skills when needed. They are the tactical leaders and make up a deal of the best in the clan. They are part of the High Council.

RANK: 1 

Uniform - Primary Color: Gold, Secondary Color: Gold/Steel


Only a temporary rank. If a Commander is on vacation or will be away for a long time, he can make one member in his Battalion a Special Operations Commander. After taking an oath, they are given the privileges of a Commander and become part of the High Council. Upon the Commanders return, they must give it up and everything returns to normal. 

RANK: 1*

Uniform - Primary Color: White, Secondary Color: White


A lightning fast strike force. They operate to neutralize enemy targets to get things done, and done quick. They often act as leaders if needed to be, but are mostly used as kick ass walking killing machines.


Uniform - Primary Color: Steel, Secondary Color: Steel 


The path for those who prefer stealth. Not the most glamorous of ranks but never-the-less essential. They prefer using sniping weapons, using the Active Camouflage and providing intelligence to superiors. They use their deadly skill with sniping weapons to aid in flag raids or to kill specific targets. Often without ever being seen. Not being seen is their primary goal. They slip in and out of enemy defenses unnoticed, the only sign of them there is the scattered bodies with fractured heads.


Uniform - Primary Color: Brown Secondary Color: Brown


Covenant squad leaders. Highly skilled individuals who lead teams of Rookie and Tech Elites into battle.


Uniform - Primary Color: Crimson/Red, Secondary Color: Crimson/Red


When Zuka 'Zamamee first proposed this division, there was much controversy within the Covenant Council. After much discussion it was allowed as an experimental project, but kept in secret to other Covenant outside of the clan.

It is a select group of Elites who prefer to use, or simply specialize in Human Technology. (if it can even be known as technology being so primitive). It is especially for those who in battle prefer human weapons, such as the Battle Rifle, and using their vehicles, like Warthogs. A very useful group for Capture the Flag matches.


Uniform - Primary Color: Brown, Secondary Color: Steel


Covenant standard infantry and vehicle users. The bulk of the Covenant army, adapt with all weapons and vehicles and willing to sacrifice their lives for the cause. 


Uniform - Primary Color: Blue, Secondary Color: Blue


Every two months, the High Council decides who is to be the Clan Arbiter. For a two month period, an individual is given the holy rank of the Arbiter. They are given all the privileges of a Commander, rank, promotion powers, passwords and even to be a member of the High Council BUT only for a two month period when the next Arbiter is chosen. It is possible for the same individual to have a second and even a third term (6 months) but after that it must be passed on.

The Clan Arbiter must swear to an Oath, to never let the secrets of the High Council out or any of the passwords of the clan fall into the wrong hands. They must also not abuse their powers or their trust. Failing this Oath leads to an immediate stripping of Rank to Rookie or a complete ban, depending on the Councils decision.


Uniform - Primary Color: Purple, Secondary Color: Purple. Emblem - Rampancy