This is a Covenant Themed Clan and therefore follows strict rules to keep with the theme. If you are new to Clans I hope this sounds interesting enough for you to join. If you are not new to Clans and want something different you've come to the right place as this Clan  offers you a new, unique experience as the bad guys.

The Below rules must be followed in all proper Halo 2 Clan matches. If playing a Halo 1 game it should be obvious which rules don't apply.


1. Follow the Chain of Command at all Times.* The highest ranked Elite assumes command. If more than one of the same high rank, come to a mutual agreement.

2. Unless told to, or you think its the best decision as the highest ranked player, no going it alone. This is a clan, not a freelance organization.

3. No Team Killing - team killers may face an immediate ban.

4. No aggression or aggravation towards team mates.

5. Limit aggression and demoralization towards the enemy team. Gloating is all well and good, but don't go overboard.

6. No camping at any of the following: Power ups, Health, Teleporters and especially enemy players spawn spots. 

7. Exceptions to rule 6 is as follows: You may camp at Weapons, Vehicle and the Bomb's spawn locations to obtain them and prevent the enemy obtaining them. You may cover Teleporters with vehicles to stop them being used by the enemy and for CTF strategy. When flag runners are in close proximity to the base, themselves and snipers may kill the enemy as they spawn. This is the only time it is allowable. It gives the flag runners cover and allows them to get in, out and escape. After which the normal spawn camping rules apply. 

8. Try to use mostly team speak. Limiting what the enemy can hear of the clans radio traffic.

9. No leaving mid-game. You may leave in the lobby between games but unless you have a very good reason, no leaving in the middle of a match. 

* Whilst the chain of command must be followed at all times, idiot higher ranked officers are not tolerated but unfortunately it can happen. If a senior Elite orders stupid things of you, like to kill each other or help the opposing team. Report it to the Battalion Commander or the Special Operation Commander and an investigation will be carried out if there are a high level of reports.


1. Keep in contact with members. All members should have an msn messenger account to keep in touch.

2. Make a Bungie account. All members should have a Bungie account to manage their online Halo 2 stats and to be able to sign into the Clan Chapter

3. Get X-Box Live! Whilst we do play Halo on the PC this is an X-Box Live Clan. We will be playing Halo 2 on X-Box Live so if you don't have it yet, get it as soon as possible. After 2004, anyone without Live access will be booted and no-one without it will be able to join. If you have a friend who you can use Live with often, then that's fine. If you don't have an X-Box get it now or risk being booted. 

4. Don't remain inactive!!! If you don't use the forums, msn, play games often or even E-mail Zuka 'Zamamee or Commanders now and then so we know your still here, we will assume you no longer wish to be part of the clan. We can't keep tracking you down all the time. Keep fairly active to remain with us or newer members will replace you when the clan is 'full'. Inactivity for three months may result in replacement. If you are going to remain inactive for a long time, TELL SOMEONE with the reason why so you are not replaced. (E.g. Noga 'Putumee with his Oxford course)


1. Warriors of the Prophets Clan members are not restricted to the squad that they are assigned to. They can play Halo games with anyone in the clan.

2. Veteran Elites are assigned three Rookies which makes a squad. Veterans are responsible for training the three Rookies and being responsible for them. Veterans must give a detailed report to the Battalion Commander every three months with how active the members of the squad are. They must also report complaints, praise and anything else that needs attention whenever they can.

Therefore while the members in the squad aren't limited to just games with that squad, they play many games together for training and clan games as a squad with members that they will get to know.

3. Other elite divisions such as Ossoona, Tech Division and Special Ops are not put it squads whilst in a Battalion like the lower ranks. They are put in categories of the same type. They are free to play Halo games with the same type/rank but as they are used as an elite division they have another purpose. If a Veteran or Commander has a specific mission in mind that will require the special skills of the higher ranks or he just simply wants them on the team as one of his Rookies is unavailable, or there is a large team game he can simply request help. The higher ranked Elite will oblige and help a squad/commander in the required games. 

4. Commanders and Veteran Special Ops are responsible for a whole Battalion which is around thirty Elites. They must receive reports from Veterans and all the high ranked Elites on a daily basis. Reports of great interest and significance are then sent onto the Special Operations Commander. Commanders should also look out for complaints on Command from all ranks. Sometimes a Battalions leadership is shared between more than one Commander. Or a Veteran Special Ops can have Commanders as his personal squad and advisors in the larger Battalions.

5. Commanders must keep in contact with the Special Operations Commander for events like Clan Wars and Campaigns.

6. If anyone is unhappy with there squad/team they can apply to be reassigned by simply forwarding the request to the Battalion Commander.

7. A Battalion may alter its core organization structure as the Commander sees fit. This may be done as more people are promoted. E.g. a squad of Veterans as more have moved up from Rookies.

8. A Battalion may not exceed 33 members.


1. Promotions don't happen over night, just like in the real army it takes a lot of hard work, time and effort to get them, especially the more higher ones. Don't be expecting to get them after playing for a couple of hours or so or you will be disappointed. 

2. There are three main ways to be promoted.

A) Perform consistently well in battle during X-Box LIVE on Halo 2. Great skill and talent will be noticed and you'll be promoted. This is the main and most important aspect of getting promoted.

B) Show great leadership skills, decisions that lead to great victories earning you the trust and respect of fellow comrades will get you promoted to the first few ranks.

C) Show you have the time for the clan. Its all well and good having the skill, but if you want the responsibility of many Elites under your wing and taking care of many issues you must have the time for it. Obviously the more games you play, the more higher chance of you moving up quicker.

You must have all three of these in abundances in order to reach the rank of Commander. 

3. Honors, unlike Promotions, are to award someone who is great in a very specific area. Many can count towards promotions though, but they are to congratulate and reward great skill in whatever field they are for. There are many ways to earn them, either by a single great merit, such as a near impossible sniper shot made that saved the day or a consistent amount, such as recruiting over a long period of time.

4. In both Honors and Promotions though, if you put a lot of time into the clan you will go far.

5. Honors and Promotions are given for outstanding achievements in Halo 2.

6. Bad behavior in battle, in the forums and breaking the rules will seriously effect your promotion career with the clan.


1. No Spamming - Try to keep on the topic, don't write non legible babble and basically don't put down a load of crap.

2. No Flaming - Report annoying, rude, ignorant users to the Admin or Moderators.

3. No multiple posting - don't post twice in a row, simply modify the last one.

4. No multiple profiles - if you make more than one profile, tell the Admin or Moderators so the one(s) you aren't using can be deleted.

5. Warriors of the Prophets Members, use your Clan Covenant name for the Forum, nothing else. A Covenant Avatar would be preferred also. 

If you are not a member but are using the forum, notify the Admin or Moderators immediately so they can alter your profile so everyone knows. Non clan members are forbidden from using any Covenant name or picture on the Warriors of the Prophets Forum.

6. Respect the Admin and Moderators at all times. Back chat or abuse is not tolerated on the Forums. (unless its obviously in fun)

7. No overly large Avatars or Signatures at all. 

8. No advertising other clans, advising on other clans etc. This is Warriors of the Prophets through and through. If you wish to advertise the clan to members, do it in private.

9. No making threads to spite anyone in the clan or to arouse aggravation.

10. No attacking stereotypes or being racial to any group of people.

11. No political disputes. 

12. (Moderators Only) Keep track on who is on the forums whilst moderating. Every 3 months make a report on who you have seen on the forums, it doesn't matter on how many times or how long. Just to get rough ideas of usage.

NOTE: Please, please use the Clans Forums more often.


1. Always wear the same color armor that corresponds to your rank in the correct shade of that color.

2. Don't have odd Elite skin colors. Only use the colors that they actually have. Basically be realistic and true to the Halo universe.

3. Wear the Clan Emblem on the Right Shoulder pad and wear the Battalion Emblem on the Left Shoulder pad.

4. In Halo PC games, your profile name should be [WotP] followed by the first part of your Covenant name. E.g. [WotP]Zuka

5. No individuality. You wear the same clan emblem as everyone else and the same uniform scheme.

6. Try to limit any use of anything Human. This isn't a strict rule, as I am fully aware some people like Human weapons and vehicles. So use them if you wish. Just try to use Covenant ones more to stick with the theme. True Human tech devotees should strive for the Tech Division. 

8. Always play as Covenant Elites in Halo 2, never Spartans.


1. If you ever wish to leave the clan, E-Mail either the Special Operations Commander or tell another member who can pass on the message. Leaving without saying so not only annoys the hell out of me, but also prevents peoples applications being accepted due to the clan being full. If you do this, you will not be forgiven.

2. Never hassle the Admin or Moderators about being a Ship Master, getting a promotion etc or you will not ever get the post.

3. Never hassle any high ranking Elite about promotion, no matter how good you are, or it will be given to those with more respect.

4. If you are promised something you will get it. The website designer will get round to it eventually, but the site is always been worked on. So just be patient please.