I founded this clan because I wanted to do something different, something original and true to the Halo Universe. There are many clans out there and when I first got into the Halo community I couldn't wait to join a clan. However most were the same and not very original or if they was a very good, unique and well established clan, the leaders we're often too aggressive wanting members to keep up with games, you might even say they lost their true roots with Halo. As you no doubt will have guessed, I like the Covenant, the villains of the Halo series, yet not one clan out there was very Covenant based. Oh, there were some, don't get me wrong, but not very strictly Covenant, just hints of it here and there. That's why I decided to make my own clan purely dedicated to the Covenant.

Before I did anything I advertised in some clan forums whose members I knew from the Halo community and also a classifieds ad on the Bungie forums to see what kind of reaction I would get. Despite some Spartan and Human fan boys I got a good reception, many had been looking for a Covenant Clan but with little luck. I seemed to be their answer despite not having either a site or forum, only promises which, at the time, seemed like something I could not achieve. I quickly set up a Clan Forum, which was originally all the Clan had, quite amazing when I look back on things and even then it was a default design. Afterward I began on the website, which took me almost a solid three weeks to get up and running. I was fairly new to Microsoft Frontpage at the time and using HTML coding. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank Ado 'Mortumee for helping me get to grips with it.

I then launched the site, which was very basic at the time, with a small Battlenet section and bland clan pages. I was afraid with the delays that people lost interest, but I often bumped my recruitment threads on the forums to keep interest and I would also like to thank all my friends from the Bungie Forums for spreading the word, keeping people interested and being great pals. People seemed to like it and I was overcome by the wave of new members wanting to be a part of it all. I suppose I gave people something many thought not as being not possible, something new, something different that most clans (at the time of this clans founding) didn't have. 

I then moved on from having a basic site. I improved the graphics little by little and added more and more pages. The site is still growing and improving now, though not as fast. I'm always working on projects for the website and clan and it will continue to grow and improve over the years.

New members often join, and the Battlenet now contains more Halo information that perhaps the Bungie site itself. I'm so glad my clan received its warm reception and that it has been a good success, in my perspective anyway. I just think that sometimes the bad guys are more interesting. Its fun to be evil, shout "WORT WORT WORT!" to enemies and fill the combat zone with Plasma fire. Now with Halo 2 the dream can be realized. In my eyes all my Elites are great warriors and whilst you may think it as an honor to part of my holy cause to eradicate the human menace form existence, I honor you as my comrades in battle but more importantly as friends.  

Robert James Ashmore - Zuka 'Zamamee - Special Operations Commander - Clan Founder