Welcome to the Warriors of the Prophets Battlenet! 

Welcome to the Battlenet. Either you are a Covenant or one of those pesky Human A.I's accessing data that isn't yours. 

(If you are one retribution will come swiftly).

The Battlenet is our Covenant Information Archives. It contains all the data to do with Halo. If you are looking for anything Halo related, there's a good chance you will find it here. If you are looking for Clan Related Data, you are in the wrong place. These pages are purely for those who wish to know EVERYTHING there is to know about Halo or if you want to find evidence to prove your friends wrong in a certain area of knowledge. You will find all that here. The Warriors of the Prophets Clan hopes that you enjoy the information contained within our Battlenet Database. 

(Unless you are one of those pesky Human A.I's).

The Warriors of the Prophets Clan take great pride in the Battlenet, if you have any comments positive or negative, please send them to Zuka 'Zamamee, the Webmaster, at this address: robertashmore@hotmail.com 

"Your Destruction is the Will of the Gods... and we are their Instrument." - Clan Chant