Covenant Name Ado 'Mortumee


Rookie (Blue)

Real Name Richard Jason Ashmore
E-Mail  MSN 
X-Box LIVE Gamertag Ranma Sautome Name Ado Mortumee
Favorite Game Type Capture the Flag Favorite Weapon Needler
Specialties Driving Vehicles, Ghosts in particular Halo Games Halo, Halo PC, Halo 2 
Other Personal Information

3 Nursery Gardens, South Normaton, Derbyshire, DE55 3LG, England. At Frederick Gents School Yr 11. 15 Years Old

What I Want to offer the Clan

Being the best driver that there is.

Fan Fiction on Covenant Character

After passing the unholy art of using human weaponry and vehicles, 'Mortumee was added to 'Zamamee's squad for his valuable skills few others could equal. 'Mortumee hopes to get promoted into the Tech Division.