Covenant Name Cknu 'Masomee Rank

Rookie (Blue)

Real Name Jack de Cort
E-Mail MSN
X-Box LIVE Gamertag Spartanjack Name Spartanjack
Favorite Game Type Capture the Flag  Favorite Weapon Shotgun and Plasma Rifle

Close-combat and getting the flag out of an base on foot

Halo Games Halo, Halo 2 
Other Personal Information I'm 15 and live in the Netherlands. What I Want to offer the Clan

I would like to be a team-man. If someone is in trouble I'll help him if the flag   carrier needs a ride I'll try to help. Be there for the whole clan. But if I need to chose something I would like to be something with close-combat. I'm ready to do anything.


Fan Fiction on Covenant Character

Me, Cknu 'Masomee I have fought many battle's against those stupid humans. Once I've fought against the super-human but I didn't die like the rest of my fellow brother's. So I will live a little longer so I can fight him again.