Covenant Name Zuka 'Zamamee


High Commander (Black)

Real Name Robert James Ashmore Other Leader of WotP
E-Mail  MSN 
X-Box LIVE Gamertag WotP Zamamee Name Zamamee
Favorite Game Type Capture the Flag Pro Favorite Weapon Energy Sword
Specialties Leadership, Flag Runs. Halo Games Halo, Halo PC, Halo 2 
Other Personal Information

3 Nursery Gardens, South Normaton, Derbyshire, DE55 3LG, England.

Studying Cellular and Molecular Biosciences at Sheffield Hallam University

What I Want to offer the Clan

A unique experience playing as the Covenant, with plenty of events and activities to keep the Halo game as great as it is and always should be. To give Clan Members some fun and to kick other Spartan Clans asses.

Fan Fiction on Covenant Character

After surviving the Halo incident by pure luck, 'Zamamee gained the honor of forming his own Elite Strike Team to counter the Spartan threat when the Earth Invasion begins. Blessed by the High Prophet of Truth Himself, 'Zamamee hopes to regain his honor after failing to defeat John 117 and make his clan known throughout the known Universe.