Covenant Name Llso 'Donodee


Rookie (Blue) Halo 2

Special Ops (Black) Halo PC

Real Name Russell Robert Ashmore Other Leader of PC
E-Mail   MSN 
X-Box LIVE Gamertag Noddy Ashmore Name HugeHaloFan
Favorite Game Type Capture the Flag  Favorite Weapon Battle Rifle
Specialties Diversions (no really, I sacrifice myself for the team, I may not get good ranks for it, but it works) Halo Games Halo, Halo PC, Halo 2 
Other Personal Information

3 Nursery Gardens, South Normaton, Derbyshire, DE55 3LG, England.

46 Years Old

What I Want to offer the Clan

I am good at maintaining pressure on the enemy. 

Fan Fiction on Covenant Character

Not the best soldier in the army. 'Zamamee and his higher staff took an instant dislike to him and put him on constant front line work hoping for his demise. Fortunately Llso is still there.